Neil Diamond Jazz Singer

Neil Diamond performed in his one and only film the Jazz Singer in 1981. He also wrote the title track album - an album that will no doubt stand the test of time and remain popular for many years to come. You will find on the album such classics like Love On The Rocks, Hello Again, America, Songs Of Life and many more great tracks. See our selection of Jazz Singer merchandise here at Neil Diamond Songs.

Not only that, why don't you have a listen to some of the great Jazz Singer tracks first.


One of my favourites - Love On The Rocks


So, what is film The Jazz Singer all about? Well, in short it is a remake of the original 1927 classic - also called The Jazz Singer. Produced in 1980, it starred Neil Diamond - in his first and only film - Sir Laurence Olivier, and Lucie Arnaz and was co-directed by Richard Fleischer and Sidney J. Furie. Although the film received mixed reviews the soundtrack was hugely successful, eventually reaching multi-platinum status and becoming Diamond's most successful album to date. There were three major hit singles to come from the album - "America", "Love on the Rocks" and "Hello Again". Why not have a listen to Hello Again.......


America - another classic single from The Jazz Singer


The Jazz Singer represented Neil Diamond's one and only film appearance. Although his acting career did not really take off his singing career has continued to go from strength to strength - encapsulating and captivating generations of a huge fan base. The soundtrack of the film remains one of Neil Diamond's greatest albums and has, and will continue, to stand the test of time.